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Huawei E303 Hi Link Data Cards
Introducing Huawei HiLink the world's first truly Plug 'n' surt data card, allowing you to access the internet in an instant! A simple plug is what it takes. No need to install Drivers or Software. Huawei HiLink is installation free, configuration free and dialing free, and it is up to 75% faster than other data cards currently available in the market.
Auto connected like a LAN cable
Driver-free/ Installation free/ Driverless / Auto-reconnect
Plug n Surf in 15 Sec
Huawei E303 video specification
Hi Link Plug & Surf Operator Flexibility
Turbo 3G Better 3G Data Cards Micro SD
Advanced technology Huawei 303
Huawei HiLink is the world's most advanced data card technology till date with multiple Huawei patents. HiLink E303Cs automatically connects users to the Internet in as little as 15 seconds after the datacard is inserted into the USB port, without the need for a tedious dial-in process, driver installation or manual configuration. This is up to 75% faster than other traditional products currently in the market
No need to install, or configure AP/IP settings. Simply plug into Windows, Linux, or Mac OS based systems
and connect to the internet in less than 15 seconds.
Plug & Surf in 15 Sec With Huawei 303
The Huawei Hi-Link device can be used with any 2G/3G SIM card.
Huawei Hi-Link device with any 2G/3G SIM card
With 7.2 Mbps, HSDPA and Turbo 3G – get blazing fast speeds while surfing the net!
Faster browsing, Downloads & Uploads with Huawei 303
Huawei HiLink data card support Type3i technology for better speed
and signal strength
Huawei 303- Type3i technology for better speed
HiLink Web UI
No need for dashboard user interface with Huawei Hi-Link's Web User interface
Know your internet usage, time spent and data traffic easily. Manage your SMS(inbox/draft/outbox) or
upgrade software/change settings as per your convenience.
Micro SD card slot
Huawei HiLink data card's Micro SD slot supports up to 32GB of memory.
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