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Huawei E369 (HiMini)
Huawei E369 (HiMini)
The world's slimmest datacard
Huawei E369 HSPA+ USB datacard is a High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) USB modem.
Easier to catch the signal even in bad surroundings
30% lower than normal HSPA+ stick
Enhancing battery lifetime of laptop
APT power solution helps to decrease the heat ene
Huawei Slim 3G Data Card Hi Speed Data Card
Global roaming Power Saver Colorful Shell
The world's smallest HSPA+ data card with a dimension of 65*24.5*8mm, HiMini is tailored for slim laptops and acts as
a best partner with Macbook Air.
world's smallest HSPA+ data card
Exquisite Design
HiMini is a jewel product with a metallic touch. Available in Classic White and Grey color, color shells, it is a thin USB
connector with a magic magnetic cap.
Huawei E369 - Exquisite Design
High Speed
Experience a great browsing experience with a download speed of 21.4 Mbps.
Huawei E369: Great browsing experience
5-Band Global Roaming with Rx Diversity
HiMini works with any 2G/3G SIM card, wherever Dual Band, Tri Band, Quad Band or Penta Band SIMs are supported.
Penta Band support enables to roam globally and connect from anywhere, everywhere. Rx (Receive) Diversity
enhances HiMini's signal strength reception by 20% and makes it easier to catch signals even in bad network
5-Band Global Roaming with Rx Diversity
Save Power
HiMini consumes 30% lower power than any other normal HSPA+ data card. This will enhance your laptop's battery
life. On Mac Air, the battery life can be extended by 2 hours.
Colorful Shell
Huawei E369 data cards available in Colorful Shell Shining ID*.
Huawei E369 data cards available in Colorful Shell
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