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Version Date Product Category Size Download
Driver for Manual data card Installation in Win.8 laptop
2014-13-03 Common Support driver Software 4.96MB Download
Solution for USB not POP up in My Computer
2014-13-03 E303FH Support driver Software 55.4MB Download
Driver for E303Fh data card win.8.1 support
2014-13-03 E303F Support driver Software 5.0MB Download
E303Fh data card win.8.1 support and MAC OS 10.9
2014-07-03 E303F Support driver Software 55.4MB Download
HUAWEI_Y300_firmware(Y300-0100,Android 4.1,Emotion_UI,V100R001C151B175,India_Channel,05011LXM) 2013-07-22 Y300 Auto Sms Fixed Software 537MB Download
HUAWEI_Ascend_G330_firmware(U8825,Android_4.0,V100R001C151B944CUSTC151D001,India-Channel,05011GBT) 2013-07-22 U8825 - G330 Auto Sms Fixed Software 386MB Download
HUAWEI_Ascend_G600_firmware(U8950-1,Android_4.0,V100R001C151B944CUSTC151D004,India-Other_Carrier) 2013-07-22 G600 (U8950) Auto Sms Fixed Software 386MB Download
HUAWEI_Ascend_Mate(MT1-U06,Android 4.1,Emotion_UI,V100R001C00B112) 2013-07-11 MATE(MT1-U06) Upgrade Software 1.12GB Download
S10-201u_FIRMWARE_Android4.1_C228B003 2013-07-11 S10-201u Upgrade Software 627MB Download
HUAWEI_U8185-1_firmware(Android 2.3,V100R001C151B836CUSTC151D002) 2013/07/11 U8185-1(Y100) Upgrade Software 158MB Download
HUAWEI_Y210(Android 2.3,V100R001C151B854SP01) 2013/07/11 U8685D-1(Y210D) Upgrade Software 113MB Download
HUAWEI Ascend G510(Android 4.1,Emotion_UI,V100R001C151B165) 2013/07/11 U8951(G510) Upgrade Software 545MB Download
Update Guide for Auto Sending SMS 2013-05-13 Upgrade guide User Guide 347Bytes Download
U8825-1 V100r001c151b944custc151d001_Update 2013-05-13 Software Patch Handset auto SMS solution 11.144MB Download
G510-0200v100r001c151b165custc151d001_Update 2013-05-13 Software Patch Handset auto SMS solution 18.5MB Download
Mobile Partner – Supports Windows 8 2013-04-30 Mobile Partner 0072 Software 35MB Download
Mobile Partner 2012-11-05 Mobile Partner WiFi 24.6MB Download
Android-2.3 2012-10-01 U8860-Honor Upgrade Software 247MB Download
Android-2.3 2012-10-01 G300 Upgrade Software 202MB Download
Android-4.0 2012-10-01 G300 Upgrade Software 351MB Download
Software Upgrade Guideline 2012-10-01 G300 Upgrade File 444KB Download
Android-2.3 2012-10-01 Y200 Upgrade Software 169MB Download
Android-2.3 2012-10-01 Y100 Upgrade Software 159MB Download
Honor – Upgrade to ICS 2012-11-20 Honor Upgrade File 1KB Download
Honor – Upgrade to ICS 2012-08-20 Honor Upgrade Software 340MB Download
Honor – Upgrade to ICS 2012-08-20 Honor User Guide 901kb Download
V100R001C151B287 2011-05-06 IDEOS Chat (U8300) Upgrade Software 114 Mb Download
V100R001C151B719 2011-05-06 IDEOS X2 (U8500) Upgrade Software 131 Mb Download
Android_2.3_V100R001C151B863SP02 2012-02-24 Sonic (U8650) Upgrade Software 139 Mb Download
V100R001C151B859 2012-02-24 IDEOS X3 (U8510) Upgrade Software 124 Mb Download
BALV3R1C31Update_21.322.00.90.910.B726 2012-02-24 E560s-1 Upgrade Software 25.4 Mb Download
UTPS23. 2012-02-24 E303c Dashboard 65 Mb Download
Linux Installation User Guide 2012-02-24 E303c User Guide 7.08 Mb Download