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The user must activate the phone before it can be used; otherwise, the wireless network cannot be used.

The navigator’s role is to guide the user on how make basic settings for commonly used functions, and to familiarize them with the phone. The Navigator has the following main components:

  1. Language Selection. The user can set the phone to the language they are familiar with, or set it to the local language.
  2. Logging-in or creating Google and Email accounts.
  3. Setting the Data service switch. This switch is on by default, which permits the use of the data services. This switch can be manually turned off. After it is turned off, the user cannot use data services such as; accessing the internet, using the Market, and sending and receiving MMS and Email messages.
  4. Location Consent. By checking the box, the user is allowing the network to locate the position of the phone. If left unchecked, this function will not be authorized.
  5. Setting the Time Format. Choose the time format that you desire, such as; 12 hour or 24 hour. The user can also select the desired date format, such as; mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy, or yyyy/mm/dd.
  6. Calibration: Please follow the instructions from the handset and calibrate it, then the touch of screen would be more accurate.