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Cloud+ is an exclusive Huawei Cloud service to Huawei device users. Cloud+ is seamlessly integrated into the Huawei phone platform. Cloud+ offers a range of next generation features like Cloud+ drive, Message+, Streams, Phone finder, SNS, Contacts Integration and any where any device access for content saved on drive. These features help the phone user to experience the future.

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Cloud+ Making
Smartphones Smarter
Huawei Sonic - The world's first smartphone with Cloud+
Huawei Ideos X3 – The Social Networker mobile
Huawei cloud  drive mobile india
16GB Cloud Storage
Huawei cloud  drive android
Cloud+ Drive

Cloud+ Drive offers an exclusive account to you to store your photos, music, videos, documents and more. It helps you synchronize your contents on various devices. Automatic, effortless and seamless.

Hard disk for life

When you sign up for Cloud+, you automatically get 16 GB of free storage. Since your contacts, mails, messages, camera rolls, settings and account information doesn’t use as much space, you will find that 16 GB goes a long way. Therefore, we provide hard disk for your life*. You can store up to 3500 songs or 7000 photos.

Seamless access to your content on range of devices*

Cloud+ is not just a hard disk in the sky. You can backup all that you use every day and it’s always available on your Huawei Phone, Media pad and PC.

Available on a range of Huawei Cloud Devices

A range of Huawei Smart phones and tablets come with Cloud+ service. Get the Cloud+ services straight out of the box.

Simple to start. Simple to use

Cloud+ is simple to use. As soon as you start the phone for the first time, the demo guide will help you to set up an Cloud+ account with few simple steps. And that’s it, start experiencing the future.

Cloud+ smart phone - Synchronization and Backup
Cloud+ Synchronization and Backup
Huawei Smartphone - Cloud+ Synchronization and Backup
Cloud+ Contacts

Cloud+ Contacts allows you to synchronize contacts from your phone to the Cloud+ server in real time. Contact information changes on your phone will be automatically synchronized to the Cloud+ server or your other Huawei phones and tablets.

All Backup

A smart way to backup all your important information. You have all sorts of important stuff on your smart phone. Backup the information so that even if you lose your phone, you just lose your phone not the information. Also, retrieve back the data on to your new Huawei smart phone and get back the same experience. Don’t just limit there, retrieve the backed up data on to your mediapad and get back the same experience.

Cloud Phone Finder Android phones in india
Locate your phone
Find my Phone

Don’t panic. As soon as you realize that your Huawei phone is missing, Cloud+ service can help you figure out where your phone is. Log on to, use the Phone finder feature to locate your phone on the Google maps. Not just locate, perform other useful functions to safe guard your data from intruders.

Cloud Phone Finder Smartphones in india

Play a sound. Send an alert message.

Using the phone finder feature, you have realized that you have left your phone at office. Play a sound to get someone’s attention (even if your phone is set on vibrate mode). Flash a message on the phone screen so that whoever has your device knows how to get it back to you.

Lock your phone

You keep lots of important information on your phone, so you want to protect this information until your phone is safely back in your hands. From your internet Cloud+ account set a password to lock the phone and keep your information private.

Backup your data

If you have lost your phone and you are worried that you would lose all the phone contacts, messages etc., you can backup your data on the cloud+ using this feature

Erase all your data from the phone

If you have lost your phone and you are worried that all the confidential communications that you had over emails or messages would be misused by a stranger, you can remotely erase all the data from your phone with this feature

Cloud + Message - Huawei Smartphone in India
Advanced Messaging
Cloud + Message - Huawei Android mobile in India

Message+ is an instant messaging service just for Huawei smartphone owners.

Share Immediately

Send and receive messages in seconds and see when your contacts are typing. Don’t hold back; share your thoughts, stories with unlimited characters and emoticons. Get confirmation when your messages are delivered and read.


Swap pictures, videos, voice notes and more; Never worry about the size of the files that you want to share with your friends.

Automatic Friend Finder

Huawei smart phone automatically detects your Message+ friends. If you have Message+ users on your phone contact list, then your phone automatically detects those friends. Otherwise, just enter your friends account name and get connected with your friend.

Group Chat

Create groups and connect instantly with personal groups of friends, family or colleagues with Message+

Huawei Android feature - Cloud Hi-Space
Most Popular Phone Friendly Apps
Huawei Android mobile phone - Cloud Hi-Space

HiSpace is Huawei App store available exclusively to Huawei smartphone owners. Over 1500 top apps for work, play and everything in between. The apps that come in the Huawei smartphone is just the beginning. You can download more apps from HiSpace and experience more on your phone

Categories to choose apps

Hispace provides categories to choose the apps from. Don’t get lost in the plethora of apps on the android market. Hispace provides the best in the industry apps categorized to ease your search and experience on the app market

Indian apps

Hispace caters to Indian taste.

Android Cloud mobile - Integrated Social Networking
Integrated Social Networking
Latest cloud mobile - Integrated Social Networking
Social Streams

Huawei Streams provides an integrated social networking experience with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Experience a new way of social networking on your smartphone with automatic updates of your friends, photo sharing, status updates, messaging with few key taps.

SNS Contacts Integration

Your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn contacts are imported and integrated with your phonebook. Your contact’s updates, albums and your interaction with the contact are closely integrated with your contact’s information.

Competitors Analysis
Platform and Services Huawei Cloud+ Apple iCloud Google + Moto HTC Nokia
Account /Portal
App Store Over 1500 top apps Over 300,000 apps Andoid Market Ovi Store
Contacts Suite Multi way Import + Auto Sync Auto Sync Google Sync BT Import + Sync
Net Drive (Free) 16 GB 5 GB Google Docs
Online Gallery Manual Upload + Sync Auto upload + Sync Picasa Footprint Gallery
Upgrade OS + App upgrade App upgrade  
Backup Part Backup Total Backup  
Phone Finder Locate Phone Locate Phone Locate Phone Locate Phone
Remote Lock
Remote Erase
Remote Backup
Remote Call / Msg Forward
Message Message+ (IP Message) iMessage + Facetime Gtalk
@Phone File Push, App push   App Push App push
Games Games Ranking Games Ranking, Multiplayer games  
Open Platform Android Platform, Open developer community SDK, Developers community Android developers community
Usage/Storage Analysis
Storage Analysis Huawei Cloud+ Apple iCloud Amazon Cloud drive
Drive Space (free) 16 GB 5 GB 5 GB
Songs (up to) 3500 1000 1000
Photos (up to) 7000 2000 2000
*functionality and experience may vary based on devices. Huawei reserves the right to change, stop or pause the Cloud+ services without prior notice. For details visit